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TCR serves as the centralized hub where CSPs can seamlessly register their customers’ brands, along with the campaigns linked to those brands, enabling brand messaging within the 10DLC ecosystem.

TCR™ collaborates with mobile operators and messaging companies to facilitate the registration of Non Consumer business text messaging Campaigns. Our registry fosters a sanctioned 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) text messaging Campaign ecosystem, offering transparency into messaging origins and content. This enables mobile carriers to deliver a more dependable and straightforward messaging service for Campaign Service Providers (CSPs), and ultimately Brands.

Who is Involved?

The company or entity the end user believes to be sending the message.

A CSP is the primary user of TCR (The Campaign Registry). A CSP works with multiple Brands to create and launch SMS messaging Campaigns.

A DCA is a company that has a direct connection to a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Gateway and transmits messages on behalf of its customers. 

A MNO (Mobile Network Operator) is the mobile operator who provides connectivity to end users.

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Getting Started

Getting started is easy! Messaging providers can register with the Campaign Registry to become a Campaign Service Provider (CSP). Take the first step towards becoming an integral part of our service. Your commitment matters. 

As a Campaign Service Provider (CSP), you can register on our platform and start working in a sanctioned messaging environment through our portal or APIs

The registry allows any CSP to register messaging campaigns by declaring “who” is sending the campaign, and “what” messaging is being sent.

Once the campaign is approved, a CSP works with DCAs to publish the campaign. Brands can now run their campaigns with confidence, knowing that they are using an officially sanctioned product for their messaging termination, 10DLC.