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CSP (Campaign Service Provider)

A CSP is a company or entity that provides messaging services to businesses. These services may include campaign planning, message content creation, campaign deployment, monitoring, and analytics. In the context of messaging campaigns, CSPs often work with brands and businesses to facilitate their messaging efforts, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimizing campaign performance.


This encompasses the technical framework supporting message transmission and compliance. It includes network connectivity, servers, and filtering mechanisms to ensure reliable and secure delivery. Infrastructure providers play a key role in maintaining stability and efficiency within the messaging ecosystem.

MNO (Mobile Network Operator)

These are companies that provide wireless communication services to consumers and businesses. They own and operate the necessary mobile communication, including cell towers, antennas, and network infrastructure.


In the context of A2P 10DLC messaging, vetting partners may be third-party entities that conduct assessments to determine the legitimacy, trustworthiness, or compliance of businesses or campaigns intending to use the messaging platform. These assessments may involve verifying the identity of the sender, assessing the content of messages, or evaluating the adherence to regulatory requirements. The goal of vetting partners is to ensure the integrity and security of the messaging ecosystem.

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