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Participating MNOs

The following is a list of participating MNOs

(Mobile Network Operators)

These are companies that provide wireless communication services to consumers and businesses. They own and operate the necessary mobile communication, including cell towers, antennas, and network infrastructure.

Cellphone Network

Benefits of 10DLC

With 10DLC, messages are sent through registered and approved routes, which increases the likelihood of messages reaching recipients’ devices. This improves the overall deliverability of A2P messages.

10DLC helps authenticate the sender, which adds a layer of trust to A2P messages. End-users are more likely to engage with messages they trust, leading to higher conversion rates for businesses.

By requiring registration and vetting of senders, 10DLC reduces the likelihood of spam messages reaching users’ devices. This enhances the user experience and protects users from unwanted messages.

Utilizing 10DLC demonstrates a commitment to compliance and best practices in messaging. This can lead to improved sender reputation with carriers, further enhancing message deliverability.

While 10DLC may involve initial setup costs and registration fees, it can ultimately be more cost-effective than traditional short codes for businesses sending moderate to high volumes of messages. It provides a balance between cost and reliability.

10DLC supports rich content such as images, videos, and interactive elements, enabling businesses to create more engaging and interactive messaging experiences for their customers.

10DLC is designed to handle high message volumes, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. It offers scalability to accommodate growing messaging needs.

By adhering to carrier regulations and guidelines, businesses using 10DLC ensure compliance with industry standards, reducing the risk of penalties or account suspensions due to non-compliance.

Utilizing 10DLC fosters better relationships with mobile carriers, as businesses work within the carrier’s ecosystem and comply with their requirements. This can lead to smoother communication and support channels.

As carriers continue to evolve their messaging platforms and regulations, 10DLC provides a more future-proof solution compared to traditional methods. Businesses adopting 10DLC are better positioned to adapt to future changes in the messaging landscape.


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