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A Monumental Day for RCS: Apple’s Adoption and the Future of Messaging

In a significant yet understated announcement, Apple has confirmed its support for the latest GSMA standard, including the Universal Profile. This pivotal development means that Apple will now support advanced business messaging features, aligning with the broader mobile ecosystem. North American and European carriers have been diligently working towards this launch, and more details are…

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Different Types of SMS Scams and the Best Way to Avoid Them

In our modern digital era, communication is more convenient and instantaneous than ever. However, this convenience brings its own set of risks. Among the most prevalent threats are SMS scams, which have become increasingly sophisticated over the years. These scams aim to deceive individuals into revealing personal information, making payments, or downloading malicious software. Understanding…

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m360 Mexico City Image

The Starting Point Towards a Digital Future The M360 LATAM 2023 conference brings together regional and global leaders from the technology, mobile, governmental, and industrial ecosystems to discuss how to harness the power of technology and work towards a better future for everyone. Connectivity is a cornerstone of our modern world, impacting nearly every sector.…

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New Customer Support Portal!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Customer Support Portal, designed exclusively to enhance your experience with Campaign Registry. We invite you to take advantage of this valuable tool, which promises to streamline your support interactions and empower you with greater control over your queries. The TCR Customer Support Portal offers a…

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New Feature
Enhancing Connectivity Migration: Introducing the NEW CNP Migration Tool

In response to the collective feedback from Campaign Service Providers (CSPs) for improved connectivity migration processes, we are thrilled to announce a significant development in our services. The Campaign Registry proudly introduces the CNP migration tool, a self-serve solution aimed at streamlining the transition process for CSPs and Connectivity Network Providers (CNPs). Historically, the absence…

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