Lead Sherpa

Close more deals with Lead Sherpa. Trusted by top investors, it offers TCPA-compliant SMS, advanced skip tracing, and automated data stacking. Simplify lead generation, reduce marketing costs, and enhance compliance—all from one intuitive dashboard.

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Skycore provides text messaging marketing services and tools to boost customer and employee engagement for businesses by leveraging rich media. We provide the connectivity, numbers, online software, and APIs to create and send SMS and rich media MMS messages with high deliverability rates, high sending throughput, and high-quality pictures and videos.

SMS Capabilities:
– Create and send text alerts, reminders, status notifications, service messages, promo
codes, transaction receipts, and one-time passcodes.
– Set up two-way chat conversations with question-and-answer flows using multiple-choice
or open-ended questions.
– Schedule messages through the user interface or send text messages with the API
– Support for multiple languages and emoticons (emoji).

MMS Capabilities:
– Create and send a variety of media, including static and personalized images with
barcodes, animated GIFs, videos, audio files, calendar event files, vCards, map files,
coupons, event tickets, receipt images, PDF files and vouchers
– High-quality delivery across various devices by optimizing content for different file sizes,
screen sizes, and file types
– If MMS delivery is not possible, we will automatically send a fallback SMS with a link to the
– Set up an MMS inbox to receive picture and video submissions from customers.

Campaign Management Tools:
– Schedule bulk SMS or MMS message campaigns at specified dates and times
– Automate SMS or MMS message responses to keywords sent to your 10DLC
– Generate multiple keywords to trigger an opt-in or auto-response message
– Utilize merge tags to personalize messages for each customer
– Import existing customer data from a CSV file

Reporting & Analytics:
– View detailed sending, delivery, and carrier statistics for each campaign
– Export messaging history and delivery report data
– Access an SMS inbox to view all customer replies

To comply with TCPA regulations, our software provides opt-in and opt-out list management, ensuring that text messages are never sent to numbers that have opted out without opting back in. This ensures businesses remain compliant while effectively managing their marketing campaigns.

SAM By Textmunication

Textmunication is a business messaging application that allows companies to leverage the SMS and MMS marketing telecom infrastructure to send outreach. We make using the most popular form of communication fun and easy.

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Daisychain helps organizations engage their audiences by sending hyper-personalized messages at-scale. Daisychain’s unique Charms feature enables a new kind of outreach, letting organizations text out personalized visuals and animated GIFs, so each recipient gets their own custom image. Use Daisychain to stand out in a crowded communications ecosystem!

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Xima is a UCaaS and CCaaS provider. Our solution enables small to midsize businesses to manage voice calls, emails, and messaging with their customers. We provide historical reporting, realtime monitors, supervisor tools, and single-pane agent clients to manage all channels.

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Messangi, a CPaaS provider, offers robust customer engagement solutions across SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, Email, and more. We enable seamless brand and campaign registration with mobile operators, empowering enterprises and carriers with effective multi-channel communication tools.